Station 36 Updates  


We have been working on the station 36 project for some time now and have some news that we are comfortable with putting out. Every time we thought we were close to making a deal another road block came up. We have finalized the station design and have a contract with Colleton River that is in the works of being signed. The site has been located and cleared. We are working to have the station with a drive through bay placed on the site plan to see how much  land is needed to accommodate our needs. Come to find out the South Carolina Ports Authority owns part of the property that is needed to access the building site and is willing to grant us an easement to gain that access. This is a legal process that take a little time but should not be a problem. Below are some photos of the site entrance and a copy of the station plans. If you have any question please feel free to contact me anytime, Thanks.

Click Here to see building drawings