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Exlporer application can be downloaded here

For more information on the Explorer Program visit: http://exploring.learningforlife.org/services/career-exploring/fire-service/

BTFD Explorer Post 241 Update

May 25, 2016 – On Saturday,  BTFD Explorer Post 241 went to the South Carolina Fire Academy for practical testing. As always, they have made the Fire District very proud! All 10 passed with flying colors while making a great impression on the evaluators. The CTC program has passed the end of course exam, practical skills, and took their IFSAC Certification test on Tuesday during finals week. The Explorers will find out the results next week. Keep up the great work!

If you have a son or daughter, at least 14 years of age, interested in becoming a Bluffton Township Fire District Explorer, contact:
Randy Hunter at 843 548 4349
or email Marcos Farr at farr@blufftonfd.com



Top- Post Advisor Marcos Farr, Bluffton High School CTC Instructor Bill Guise, Asst. Post Advisor Matt Urys, Explorers Matthew Wallet, Taylor Berloni, Gage Wellman, Tyler Griffin, Joseph Baily, Asst Advisor Shawn Fitzpatrick, Bluffton High / BTFD Liason Randy Hunter.

Bottom- Explorers - Tyler Branham, Caleb Hudson, Syrley Lopez, Zabdi Baltazar, Arlene Warner

Explorers Caleb Hudson and Zabdi Baltazar make entry into the Live Fire Building

Explorers being timed donning their Personal Protective Equipment. They have two minutes to be completely dressed and breathing off their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.