BTFD Maintenance Facility Updates  

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***Project Completed***

July 29, 2016

I apologize for the late update, but a lot has been going since the last one. We have had a reception ceremony for and put our new fleet on line. With that project completed, we now focus on completion of the new maintenance and training facility.
We have had a lot of progress! Take a look and see.

  • Electrical & plumbing work is nearly 100%
  • All the drywall is complete and the finish coat of paint is being applied
  • The HVAC systems are on line
  • Cabinets, counter tops and restroom appointments are installed
  • The parking lot and the areas around the building have been concreted and / or paved and the parking areas are painted
  • Landscaping and irrigation are in the process of being installed
  • The septic lift station is operational

 The next update will more than likely be our next to last until our grand opening. We will then publish the final update for this project.



Since our last update there has been steady progress. Currently we have parking lot grading going on, bay doors being hung, electrical devices going in, HVAC being tied in, ceiling tile supports being installed and the mezzanine in place. The office side of the building has a coat of paint and all of the windows are in and most of the doors are hung.



This past week some of the interior construction has started.

  • The HVAC vendor has started hanging the system duct work.
  • The framing of the parts room walls is well under way.
  • The outside interior walls of the offices are about completed.
  • Ceiling panels are being hung in the apparatus bays.
  • Soffit and fascia are being installed.
  • The main entrance overhang is being worked on.



 We are back on track with a tremendous amount of progress to report! Here are the highlights!

  • The roof is 100% completed.
  • Work continues on siding the walls between the different roof elevations.
  • The painters started prepping overhead girders for interior ceiling panels for the apparatus bays.
  • The main connecting sewer line has been installed.
  • Parking lot grading has started.
  • The main water line is being laid out.
  • The base plate’s for the interior walls is in place.
  • The first wall has been put in place.



This week was a little slow as the erection contractor had a few issues with the roof panels.  After some direction from the building manufacturer, the roof panels were restarted with no issues. Electrical work continues with the conduit and meter base installation.



This week, work continues on placing the side panels on the building. As you can see from the pictures, the side panels are about 70% complete. The insulation for the roof was delivered this week, so roof panels should begin shortly. Also this week the electrical contractor started conduit installation for the buildings power supply and property lighting.
Once the roof panels are installed, more sub-contractors will begin to work on their respective areas.


Update - Work continues with the structural process of the building. This past week the contractor has been installing “Z” bars on the gray structural part of the building, both roof and sides. The next phase will be wall insulation and side panels, then roof insulation and panels. After the roof panels have been installed, the inside will ramp up.
Most of the storm water and retention drainage is completed. The electrician will be installing the conduit for power from the main SCE&G power pole supply to the transformer pad that will be by the building. They will also be installing the conduit for the parking lot & property lights.


This group of pictures shows our new building going up. On Tuesday, March 15th, the erection contractor checked the slab, anchor bolt placement and laid out the building around the slab. They started putting the building up on Wednesday afternoon.  What you see was accomplished in less than a week by 3 workers. Impressive!


This week storm drainage tile and collection boxes are being installed. Also the building erection contractor started on Wednesday, the 16th. In these photo’s you can see the infrastructure being installed and the erection contractor placing the main supports for the building around and on the slab. The next phase we are hoping to accomplish is getting temporary water and power to the site. A lot is beginning to happen!



In the wee hours on Tuesday, the 8th, 2am to be exact, the concrete pumper and concrete sub-contractor started pouring the foundation for the Maintenance / Training Building. By the end of the day, they had pumped 400 yards of concrete. The slab was completely finished with expansion joint cuts by 6pm. Not bad for a 16 hour day! Now the slab needs to set and cure for 5 days. The Building erection crew is scheduled to arrive next Monday, the 14th.




Footers, in slab plumbing & electrical all completed and ready for concrete. All rebar, reinforcing wire, building fasteners and vapor barrier plastic are in place. Scheduled to start concrete pour Tuesday am, March 8th.



Footers are being dug; waste water and supply lines as well as electrical conduit are being installed. Concrete is not far behind!



The groundbreaking ceremony for the Maintenance & Training facilities was held on the building site at 10 am. The event was attended by members from County Council, The Town of Bluffton, Bluffton Police Department, BTFD Fire Board and BTFD staff & fire fighters, Fraser Construction, Court Atkins Architecture as well as some community members.

Also in attendance were retired Fire Chief Barry Turner, former Fire Board Member Terry Reynolds and Mrs. Vera Rogers, widow of former Fire Board member Robert “Bob” Rogers for which the Maintenance Building will be dedicated to upon completion.


Site work is moving forward with the building site now cleared and the infrastructure phase currently in process.  The building pad for the Maintenance building is in place and work continues on the training tower pad. On February 1st, the Maintenance building was delivered by a total of 5 semi-trucks.  More pictures and information will be provided as it happens.







All permits have been obtained and work on the site has started. The site prep company has under brushed, installed silt fence and is the process of tree clearing the building sites on the property. They are also going to be installing the infrastructure and expanding the retention ponds.  As we proceed we will include pictures along with phase updates.
After infrastructure & grading, the next phase should be foundation layout. Stay tuned!


The new Maintenance facility project is moving into its final DRT submittal stage and upon approval and permits, is poised to start site preparation sometime in October. Once the project is set on the DRT agenda, we will update the project meeting date and time. The project committee currently holds conference calls once a week and meets once a month to discuss any project changes. Once we have a date for groundbreaking, it will be posted here as well as photos from all phases of construction. Not long now!


To date the project has progressed through the conceptual phases of the County’s development process prior to receiving approval for permits.   This means the next phase is to obtain the building permits and begin construction.  The Fire District is now participating in weekly phone conferences and meetings with the design build team (Fraser Construction, Ward Edward’s Engineering, and Court Atkins Architects) to discuss the building plans and the construction schedule as the project progresses.  The attached drawings were approved by the County’s Architectural Review Board. 

Building drawings: Click for larger image