The Bluffton Township Fire District Maintenance Division is currently comprised of four personnel who are responsible for administering and maintaining the department’s fleet of 10 pumper’s, 2 aerials, 5 suppression support and 16 administrative vehicles. In addition, they also maintain our 5 station standby generators, 60 + units of small engine equipment either on apparatus or located at stations, assist with prop fabrication and logistics for the entire department and last are our first line of call for any maintenance issue before an outside service vendor is considered.

 Our three personnel combined, have over 57 years experience in apparatus, automotive, equipment repair and maintenance and 17 ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) disciplines. Two are also structural interior fire fighters. During storm mode and other high personnel responses, they man their trucks with equipment and additional recalled personnel to support the efforts in incident mitigation. Our maintenance personnel are an integral part of the department and they take pride in and are dedicated to the department and their community.


Name: Steve McKinley
Title/Rank: Maintenance/ Bat. Chief

Name: Tyler Williams
Title/Rank: Maintenance Tech II


Name: Tim Tuten    
Title/Rank: Maintenance Tech IV






Name: Brian Hart
Title/Rank: Staff Captain/Quartermaster
Other Qualifications: RRT-4, Medic
Peoria, IL
At BTFD Since: 2/19/2003
Military Branch: Army
Years:  3 Active, 3 Reserves/National Guard