BTFD Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The primary mission of the Bluffton Township Fire District is to plan, evaluate,
and implement a range of programs designed to protect lives and property of the
inhabitants and visitors of the Bluffton Township Fire District from the adverse
effects of fires, life threatening medical emergencies or dangerous conditions
created by either man or nature. At Bluffton Township Fire District, we are
committed to providing fire protection and rescue for our District in a courteous,
cost-effective and professional manner.

Core Values
1. Respect We respect our customers and strive to protect their dignity,
choice and modesty.
2. Cost We administer necessary fire protection and rescue services
without unnecessary cost to the citizens.
3. Continuous We strive to continuously improve by seeking feedback
Improvement from our customers, providing fire prevention education
and improving our delivery system through training and
professional development.
4. Leadership We believe that we must be the leaders in guiding the
community toward a fire-free environment.
5. Service We maintain an attitude and a commitment of going "above and
beyond” in serving our customers.
6. Trust We develop a synergistic environment by fostering a climate of
trust and cooperation with all team members.
7. Loyalty We are loyal to our District and community by word and

Our vision is to create a model of excellence in fire protection and rescue delivery,
to be the leaders in fire protection and rescue for the District and support a
customer-directed system to the citizens of our district.
We will pursue our vision in partnership with our associates, citizens, and
suppliers. We will develop innovative programs and services to benefit our
citizens and enhance the overall quality of life in our community.

Goals and Objectives
Fire protection and rescue is a dynamic, vital service. It is therefore essential that
as a fire protection and rescue provider, Bluffton Township Fire District become
involved in and committed to planning for the future.
As a fire protection and rescue provider, the District must continually be prepared
to respond to new regulations, changing technology, and consumer trends.

The following goals and objectives have been identified:

  • To provide high quality fire protection and rescue service at a reasonable cost.
  • To maintain a reputation for excellence in the fire protection and rescue field.
  • To provide a leadership role for fire protection and rescue needs of the
    community and identify opportunities for growth and service.
  • To provide a work environment that offers employees the opportunity to make
    a worthwhile contribution to fire protection and rescue while earning a fair
    and equitable wage.
  • To provide the staff with an atmosphere, facilities and services that will
    stimulate experience in the rendering of fire protection and rescue.
  • To seek employees of highest quality and select for employment on the
    basis of skill, training, ability, attitude and character.