Health and Wellness Video Archive

Every other month the BTFD Health and wellness committee create a new video with health and exercise tips to keep us in shape.
These videos are also made public so others can possibly benefit from this information.

This is the full archive of past videos:

Wellness Video - June 2021 - Covid 19
Wellness Video - February 2020 - Hamstrings
Wellness Videos - November 2019 - Shoulder Mobility
Wellness Video - March 2019 - Firehouse Etiquette
Wellness Video - Jan 2019

Special thanks to the Health and Wellness Committee for keeping us healthy!


Meet the Health and Wellness Committee:


Lieutenant Stephen Arnold
-Chairman of the wellness committee.
-International sports & science Association - personal trainer since 2016.
- I’ve played sports my whole life & always looking for the next challenge.
-15 years with BTFD.
- Motivation; to provide & have fun with my family.


Jake Hartley
-NSCA Certified Strength and Condition Specialist- 2009-2015
-ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist- 2009-2015
-BTFD Wellness Committee: 1-2 yrs?
-Experience: Strength coach for Lenoir-Rhyne University Baseball team, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist, private personal trainer.
-Motivation: "To retire healthy enough to enjoy my retirement and grandchildren."


Craig Hysell
- Certified Trainer
- BTFD Wellness Committee: 3 years
- Experience: Gym Owner from 2010-2018
- Motivation: To see healthy people have healthy retirements.


Tony Crosetto / Firefighter 3
- Wellness committee : 3 years
- Hiring Board : 3 years
- SCTF-4 , SCTF-1 , Wildland team member
Division II Collegiate Athletics
5 years of college baseball
CrossFit Coach
Active father a 3 children Motivation - To be as active with my family and kids when I retire as I am now!


Captain Jerry Piccioli
Born in Staten Island NY. Grew up in Edison NJ.
-Served in the US Navy.
-Moved to HHI in 2004, Hired with BTFD in March of 2005.
-14 and 16 year old daughters.
-Currently on wellness commitee as well as hiring board and policy committee 


FF Aaron Angel
-USAW level 1
-BTFD wellness committee 4 years
-Experience: 8 years personnel training and CrossFit coaching
-Motivation: trying to be better than I was yesterday



Eric Ligeikis
-American Sports Education
-Program(ASEP), SC Fast Team
-BTFD Wellness Committee: 3 years
-Experience: 20 year in fire service, HS football and endurance coach for Montini Catholic in Illinois.
-Motivation: To be able to walk my daughter down the aisle!