Mission Statement and Core Values

The purpose of the mission is to provide foundational understanding as to the existence of the organization. The focus of the mission must answer the questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Why do we exist?
  • What do we do?
  • Why do we do it?
  • For whom?A workgroup met to revisit the existing mission and, after ensuring it answered the questions, the following mission statement was created, discussed, and accepted by the entire group: The Bluffton Township Fire District’s mission is to efficiently protect the lives and property of our community in a kind and professional manner.

Values embraced by all members of an organization are extremely important, as they recognize the features that make up the personality and culture of the organization. A workgroup met to revisit the existing values and proposed a revision that was discussed, enhanced further, and agreed upon by the entire group:
   Respect: We respect all people in our quest to honor diversity in our community and in our own agency, through dignity, choice, and compassion.
   Progressive: Continuous improvement through feedback from our community, through professional development, and community risk reduction.
   Leadership: Guiding our community through all aspects of risk and hazard reduction.
   Dedication: To maintain an attitude and commitment beyond the expectations of our community.
   Trust: Establishing and maintaining integrity through professionalism, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

The mission and values are the foundation of this organization and should align with the community. Thus, every effort will be made to keep these current and meaningful so that the individuals who make up the Bluffton Township Fire District are guided by them in the accomplishment of the goals, objectives, and day-to-day tasks.